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Glenda’s Run – Glenda Cole – Race #6

The Thornton family has always been such an inviting and open family since I have joined them over a decade ago.  I can remember Carol (my mother-in-law) saying we need a bass player and I was like me?  I knew they were playing more traditional country and gospel and here I stood a tall Hispanic guy with a backward…

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Grandpa’s Run – Glyn Laird – Race #5

Heroes come in many forms. Some are Soldiers.  Some are Mentors.  Mine was a man that fit both these descriptions and fell in love with a lady, her family and impacted future family generations to come.  He was hilarious, strong-willed, a leader and most importantly, My Grandpa Laird.  I lost my biological Grandpa (my Mom’s Dad) at a very…

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