Yeah, it’s not that old but with chaos and progression, it sometimes can feel like it is longer than that. It’s been over a year since I started this blog and what came to be an outlet for dealing with grief is becoming quieter.   The pandemic and mindsets have shifted with the healing of time as people once said that would come with m losing so many.  I do feel as though I have to say that no it does not go away, but I am truly starting to understand what it is like to deal with the new norm.

Our family has been very blessed as we deal with the pandemic.  Opening a store, managing remote learners, and having one less at home do have their challenges but Rachelle and I’s teamwork and transparency just make it work with love.  You can’t ask for a better person to go through life with.

I have noticed that my posts are getting less and less more frequent and I wonder, is this journey done?  What I keep feeling in my heart is that the journey is never done.  I have prayed wondering what are my next steps? Sometimes just not forcing and let God do His work gets those questions answered when you least expect it.

For my 40th I have made a goal of completing the Prairie Fire Back 2 Back.  What I thought was going to completing my first personal goal of completing a Half Marathon went another way due to the injury I occurred.  Luckily with the doctor’s advice, I was OK’d to do the 5k.  It was so nice being back out there and even though I have lost a step or two in speed, I have gained an enjoyment of just continuing to stay healthy and enjoy meeting people that ask about why I run.

What I did not realize was what my next path was until I participated in the Monster Dash with Pastor D and Pastor Robbie.   I have watched them make such amazing gain’s from when they started running themselves.  We have been trying to do an event together for a while and it finally lined up that we were able to all participate.   I was still very hesitant about doing the run as it was at night and I was still a little freaked out about my foot.  Those feelings went away when I just saw the joy in D and Robbie’s face to be able to get out there. I was amazed as they went and zoomed out there easily dusting me in the process but then it came to me.

“Your journey may not be as frequent, but there are others that people could learn from also.”

 SO… I am going to just open the door and keep an ear out for others that have a story to tell also. Who knows how their experiences will help others just as mine had. I know that God has a plan which is something I try to talk about as much as possible to those that have difficulties or questions. You just must listen and trust that He does because He will always blow your mind when you do.

The first 40 may have been a rollercoaster but I bet the next 40 is going to be a great ride. 😊

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. – 1 Corinthians 15:58

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