Letting work be done.

“Looks like things are healing great.  You are doing well but try to limit yourself, Mr. Romero. If you want me to be honest with you, that half marathon/marathon is probably not in your best interest from here on….” My specialist said after finally taking off my air cast.   Was I shocked? not really…. I mean I went from pushing my 300-pound unathletic frame over a year and a half ago down to my weight today pounding the pavement with no real training, just will power and motivation from a power greater than me.  I was not shocked that maybe I was not made for long-distance running but yeah I was a little bummed.   I have so many new friends and new mentors that have done half-marathons / full marathons and I was thinking, Heck yes I can do this!

As I reflect and asked God what my next steps were, I kept getting this thought from Him. 

“Just let me work through you.”

It sounds so simple but if anyone knows me knows that I am a “Let’s Go!” person when the ball is rolling. I had seen myself start progressing and my influence really helps people and I just felt so strongly I needed to hit that NEXT LEVEL to continue to help more that I lost sight of unintentionally that I just needed to let God do his work as that is why this whole journey started in the first place.

So, as my Mom would say “You gotta chill sometimes and let things happen baby boy.”

One of the most shocking things that happened during my downtime is that we opened a computer store.   We have been part of the Haysville, Kansas community for a good 7 years now.  With being blessed to be part of the Wichita Business Journal 40 under 40 in 2017, I have been part of the Haysville Chamber of Commerce and recently the Haysville Forward Initiative leadership board. Both entities would suggest that we needed a computer shop n our little community as the local one closed many years ago. I would always laugh and say “yeah that would be nice” Ironically during my run workouts I would always run by a cute little shop that always had a “FOR RENT” sign in the door for at least a good year. Occasionally I would look in there and think about how that would be a cool place to have a shop but never really thinking anything of it. 

On the last meeting before the Coronavirus Pandemic hit, a man part of the Haysville Forward Initiative Board came up to me and stated that if I was ever serious of having a computer shop, he may have an available place. It was that same shop.   Freaked out a little bit I stated that am still not sure and he laid out a plan that would allow me to slowly get the business going and was just perfect. Through conversations, he also found about RUNROLORUN and said that if wanted to have a part of the store support that he would love it.  His son was the cross country for the local school in town and the owner loved our story.

Needless to say, we opened August 15th, and has been such a blessing to use this store to help the community during this hard time.  Rachelle and I just know this is more than a store. It is an outreach and we do our best to treat is as so.

So, what is next on My Journey.  I know that God does not want me to stop. He does want me to do is let Him work.  This was never about me and I will always know that if get to that point He will slow me down.  I have multiple Angels looking down smiling as they know I will never let their legacy go away. So, I will train and get ready for that next step to the journey and the promise I made to my Mom.

But if I am going, to be honest, I have to say I will follow my specialist’s orders but I have to disagree about one thing.  If my God says that he wants me to run a half / full marathon, the path will be laid.  Not on my terms or what I think will happen, because “He will work through me”

But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.”  John 5:17

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