Slow the journey down and focus..

Sorry, it has been so long to have a new post!  Things have been interesting.   I have been training for my first half marathon the week of my 40th birthday this year and it seems like there is a bit of a setback.  My wife and her sisters had decided on a Sunday afternoon to go pick out some camping spots for a family weekend celebrating Carol’s birthday. I decided that day that I would use this time to see how I was in my training and plotted out a half marathon in the period.

I guess that was bigger aspirations than my body was ready for.

It was about mile 8 that I may have been over my head.   My teammate and running mentor Jon would always tell that I needed to listen to my body.  I should have used that logic, as I was feeling out of it.  I took a break, drank some more water, and convinced myself. “This isn’t so bad.”  You can finish this Ro.” Therefore, I took off again.

As I hit mile 11 I hit the dreaded wall that every runner has always warned me about. Trying to push through I just stopped and could not take anymore. Straight defeat.   At that moment my phone rang and my daughter was on the phone asking “Dad, where are you?”  That is when I released it was time to quit and headed home to deal with a super worn out dehydrated body.

I had always had a little bit of nagging pain in my left foot but would rest, elevate, and ice it and a few days later.  A few days later after the half marathon attempt, I felt that nagging pain again and went through my routine.  I continued to train even getting new shoes on the recommendation of one of my physicians and the running store.  Still a little sore I figured it will work its way out.

In the next few days, it did not heal as usual…

I went back to the doctor to tell them it was not right.   Being that my primary was busy, I saw the nurse practitioner and he explained I had shin splints.   Saying that to do a few exercises and if it gets worse to go to immediate care next (weird huh?)   I proceeded another week trying to make it through the weekend of the camping trip the ladies had scouted out weeks earlier and had to go to immediate care.

Upon test and diagnosis from the immediate care, he was sure that is was broke and made a referral to an orthopedic surgeon as well as prescribing medication. Feeling encouraged going to see a specialist I went and we ran another x-ray and he did not think it was broke and said I needed an MRI and possible physical therapy. When the MRI was not approved, (do not get my started on that) his nurse told me that they would let me know the next steps.  With multiple weeks past as well multiple voicemails left wondering what was going on, I woke up again unable to walk.  I had had enough.  I was able to strong-arm seeing my direct doctor to his gasp and angrily he said, “That’s broke.  We are going to fix this now and I’m sorry you went through all this.”

Was I frustrated? Yes. Am I still frustrated? Well human nature wise, yes but spiritually I look for what is the biggest purpose of all this. That is when I feel God continue to say “Slow down and let me work”

So that is what I am going to do.

I am going to slow down and work to “see and share” the stories around me. I am also going to slow down and let the process of healing and new work ahead of me take place.   More importantly, I am going to slow down and truly start to focus on my next journey to get going again, but I am going to take the lesson that this is God’s journey and I need to slow down and learn that he has something in store.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

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