There comes a time when things just seem a little overwhelming. I mean this year we have gone from a possible war, a pandemic, and now we are back again to race issues. I guess I just do not understand why we have much despair, anger, and overall lack of compromise. We praise all these athletes to the point of wearing their jerseys and team colors in many sports but cannot treat someone of different status with simple kindness.

I am in an interesting situation when it comes to race. My Mom is White, and my Dad is Mexican. We were never brought up to look at the color of skin, just be kind and respect people for who they are and how they treat ourselves. I have also been very blessed to have in-laws that have accepted and loved me for I am never looking at the color of my skin. I would joke that I can play both sides.. but honestly, should that be a joke?

Have I seen my dealings of racial issues? Yes. I have been called names and had in the past when I was my younger team athletics years. I remember a time running around the track with me and some guys during conditioning season and a group running by used the “n” word under his breath and we were lit. We decided in that instance to go to the other coaches instead of taking care of things ourselves and naturally nothing came of it and I can say that was my first taste of injustice….

I watched the Floyd video and it was horrifying. I kept going “Get off of him! What is going on?!” and had tears rolling down my cheeks.  

Yes I was mad.

Yes, I was hurt.  

I also watched as the world reacted to this. We went straight to anger and fear again as what has been set as the tone of this year. I watched as the neighborhood that I was raised in and my father still lives in was destroying itself. What do I do and what is more role in trying to help.

I prayed, I reflected and waited for God.

Hope 4 da Hood came to the very place of my neighborhood.  They brought faith, testimony, strength, and restored the neighborhood into a peaceful place. I contacted Beni, the leader, and said what can we do to help. He said a prayer and maybe help with water for people. We used the profits from our sales and donations on Run Rolo Run quickly and are still in constant prayer.

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Now, what do I do and will people listen?

I have been able to use running and endurance to be an outlet and release to help people get going on their journeys. I kept getting tugged to urge others to just move and reflect.  Take a walk around the block. Ride a bike. Go for a run.

What it comes to I just think that if we MOVE and REFLECT, and then we can give ourselves the time to have a little bit of a release and plan our next steps to start to MOVE4UNITY.

Please take some time to make a move for unity. If you could use the hashtag #move4unity or post on any of our social media pages we will continue to share the positive and see if this journey together can help so many.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:3

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