A Year Later – Strength – Race #12-14

It’s wild what can happen in a year.  I can vividly remember the despair and shock of losing my Grandpa and my Mom and my mother in law going through such a rough battle with Pancreatic Cancer. I was thinking, “Surely Carol can beat this and things are going to get better.” and then blindsided again.

As I reflected on the first year of doing the first “Honor Run” I think about why this started in the first place.  I thought I was just running for my Mom and trying to deal with the grief but now the door has opened to try to continue and maybe help some people see how important it is to truly love the ones that are here and always have remembrance of those we lost.

Each one of them has such a lasting impression.

  1. Grandpa Laird – Strength and Leadership
  2. Mom – Strength and Personality
  3. Carol –  Strength and Compassion
  4. Jenny – Strength and Dedication
  5. Glenda – Strength and Kindness
  6. Tianna – Strength and Courage
  7. Lewis – Strength and Good Cheer
  8. Sabina – Strength and Hope
  9. Grandma Romero – Strength and Strong Will

What resonated the most of all is STRENGTH. Right now we are all struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic and it just seems so weakening. We miss our families, friends and any sense of normality.  Finding strength in this situation can be hard, but is it?  

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It seems if we embrace our strength and look at the positives around us, we can simplify the emotional impact.  Make a phone call to a loved one. Truly listen, enjoy your children and be there for them as this is a scary time for them. And even most important, show compassion for others and be kind.

They ended up postponing the event I did my first 5k on so I decided that maybe I should try to push myself.  I signed up for the Virtual Timer Guys 19-Mile Challenge and decided to do 3 – 5k’s in one week.  The first two were in the 35-minute range but the last one was 31 minutes!  Just wild to think that the first one I did was 48 minutes

4/7/2020 – Toilet Paper Trot 5k – 35:16

4/7/2020 – Schools Out For Summer 5k– 35:03

4/7/2020 – Cabin Fever 5k– 31:15 – (New PR)

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore, my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise him. – Psalm 28:7

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