Grandma Romero’s Run – Alicia Romero – Run #9 & #10

Who doesn’t love a Grandma? From the overall perception of a lady making cookies to being the one that spoils their grandchildren, Grandmas are important, Grandmas are special, and most importantly Grandmas show us, love.

My Grandma Romero was all of these.  Instead of cookies, there was amazing Mexican food. Her way of showing love was the pride she took in her family and the strength she showed in her silent perceptive behavior that you knew she was to be respected.

My parents were a very young couple.  Being so young I spent a lot of time at Grandma Romero’s house so parents could provide the best life they could for us.  She would help us get ready for school, she was the nurse when we stayed home sick as well as the entertainer when we were bored.  There was much time that I remember playing crazy 8’s with her for hours and just chatting away about pretty much anything I wanted to talk about.

One of the biggest bonds my Grandma and I had was the Kansas City Chiefs. On Sundays, we would be over for the Sunday family dinners and she was really into the Chiefs.  Her passion for them was infectious as I decided that I was going to make them my team also and have become the only fan out my Dad and brothers to be a Chiefs fan.

Towards the end of her life’s journey, my Aunt Veronica and Grandma would come over to watch the games.  She lacked a lot of strength and age was taking a toll on her.  Sometimes she would have a hard time remember my name but would come into it and smile and I knew she was there.  As feeble as she was she would still yell and muster the strength to get up for a high five and a hug when her Chiefs scored and were winning.

At 4 AM I received a call from Aunt Veronica. She was very scared and had explained that Grandma had suffered from a stroke and had a very hard fall. Rushing to the hospital we had learned that the stroke had paralyzed half of her body and physical functions were not going to be able for her quality of life to be there unless she stayed on life support.   We knew that she would not want to live that way and three days later she was with the Lord.

She barely missed seeing her Chiefs win the Super Bowl 🙁

Alicia Romero – December 2nd, 1939 to January 22nd, 2020. 80 years old

Grandma did have a full life which was amazing to look up to.  Her quiet heralded strength and love was passed on to all of her family she treasured. I was blessed to have many of my Aunts and Uncles asking if I was going to run for her.  There was nothing in my heart that said that I was not.

After doing a tune-up run virtually due to the Coronavirus pandemic, my family and I were concerned if we should do this.  I had signed up for the Chisholm Trail Trailblazer 5k. Through social media connections I found out the Race Director was a friend and he was following “My Journey.” He was very disappointed that his Race canceled. I told him I still wanted to do it and he met Jon and I to go do it together.  My Aunts came out in amazing, full-force support.

I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well. – 2 Timothy 1:5

3/17/2020 – St Patricks Day Virtual 5k – 29:16 – (treadmill)

3/22/2020 – Chisholm Trail Marathon Trailblazer 5k – 35:33

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