One More Run for Mom – Rhonda Romero – Race #8

Shortly after completing Sabina’s run and hanging up her medal, I just could not get my Mom out of my mind. The first anniversary of her passing was coming up in a few days. I looked at the time that I had and was reminded that poor effort that was capable of on the race I did for her. (48:05) Having completed at just at my PR and knowing I could do better for Mom I just felt led to do one more for the one-year anniversary date of her sudden passing.

I had signed up for a virtual run from US Road Running for Lung Cancer Awareness. This was a timed race that you submitted your results. I was shooting to beat my last PR. I also mapped a course going from my home to the stage that my Mom played her last show and back which came to a little over 3.1 miles.

As I started the run, I was driven pretty hard. I had reflected on the whole year as a whole and all the loss. I also reflected on all the runs I did before and how important it was to honor those and their families. I could feel this pushing me and I was able to keep at a good pace to the stage. As I reached the stage I just paused and thought about Mom playing guitar in that chair and just could not believe how surreal it was she was gone. We shared a stage for so many years. She was my rock, my guide, and whom my life was based on in everything I did whether it was my marriage, music, raising kids and the list goes on.

I felt a good peace and took off back to the end of the route. I stayed at a good pace and pushed hard to the best time of 34:27. I know in confidence she was with me the whole time and I could truly hear her voice saying “Go Baby Boy! You can do it!”

I love you, Mom. I can’t even express how much I miss you. I will make sure as I continue this journey, I will make you proud and have your spirit inside me always.

I also can’t thank my wife Rachelle for being in my corner and supporting every step of the way. I love you so much and thank God that I had you by my side as we went through this together.

2020 I hope you are ready because we are coming for you.

12/12/2019 – US Road Running Lung Cancer Awareness 5k – 25 of 53 – 34:27

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. – Ecclesiastes 4:12

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