Jenny’s Run – Jennifer Weltha Tribue – Race #3

Aunt Jenny always had a natural wit to her.  In our family sarcasm can be a second language. Being 10 years older than me, we seemed to be able to relate pretty well with each other.   I always saw her as the “cool” aunt growing up as she would follow trends such as George Michaels and Janes Addiction and she would love coming out to my live rock shows when I was into my younger garage band days.

What I admired the most about Jenny was she loved to pave her own path.  She put herself through school becoming great in the world of communications. I also that she had a cool job as one of her very last projects before her passing with the City of Wichita bringing the story of the AAA baseball team coming to Wichita. 

Jenny’s passing came as a pure shock. My dad and I had plans for the night to go watch a UFC fight in Wichita and I received a call from her husband as I was reaching the parking lot.  Very emotional he said that he had some very surprising news. Jenny had a heart attack and had passed away. 

Jennifer M. Tribue – December 20th, 1970 to March, 9th 2019. 49 years old

At this point, the numbness started to set. Within 1 year my whole Mom’s side of the family was gone besides my Grandma.  What do you say or do?  I just couldn’t imagine what my Grandma was feeling.  She had lost her two daughters and her husband quickly and was alone. 

I knew for her race I needed to find something that was cool like her.  I had heard about the Prairie Fire Marathon Race series in downtown Wichita.  They had live bands and music on the road and overall a pure entertainment style event. It reminded me a lot of something that Jenny would have been into marketing.

I totally underestimated the size of this event. I had to park a good mile away and had about 10 minutes to get to the race start.  As I was getting ready I realized I left my dang earbuds in the truck and there was absolutely no time to go get them…  It ended up being a really good race.  I was able to take on the full entertainment experience and was also for the first time to finish a race under 40 minutes!

10/13/2019 – Prairie Fire Marathon 5k– 420 of 575 – 39:49 (and yes that’s the face of exhaustion)

But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. – Romans 8:37

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