Baba’s Run – Carol Madorin – Race #2

If you have a conversation with most men, the topic of their mother in law is for sure to be interesting.  Whether they are judged, she is overprotective of her daughter and just a flat conflict of personality there can be some quirks that can make for an odd relationship.

Did Carol fit these roles? Well yeah, but I can’t ever say that I didn’t love her and she didn’t love me.   I can remember the many times that I would just try to drive her crazy and she would give it back with a simple yell of  “RO!” 

What makes Carol amazing was her love for her family. At first, meeting her you would think she was a very shy and reserved person.  I learned that this quietness was perceptive.  She was gonna figure you out and she was gonna make sure she knew about you.  Her family was everything to her and any unbalance this reserved heart would be sure to protect and “Mama Bear” her family if needed. She was also the first one to step up and do whatever was needed for her kids if they needed help no matter what happened to get into those circumstances. If she loved you there was no taking that away and I loved that about her.

Within days after we found out about my Mom’s diagnosis we were floored with the news from Carol.  Carol was really good about staying on top of her doctor visits and this one they found something strange.  Through testing, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Sadly after surgery to try to remove cancer, Carol was with the Lord.

Carol Sue Madorin – June 13th, 1950 to May 22nd, 2019. 68 years old

I can still remember the shock on my wife and I face when we realized now that both of our Mom’s were gonna have to fight cancer.  Why is this happening and why to the biggest cornerstones in both of our lives? How unfair is that our families would have to get both of them taken away without any way to understand why at the same time?

There was not a thought in my mind that I was not gonna run for Carol after running for Mom. This lady loved me for who I was as a person and blessed me with an amazing wife.  She always was there when we needed help and I truly felt like she was truly an Angel. 

I also decided on the day of her funeral I was done smoking.

I saw an advertisement for a 5k run The Treehouse. The Treehouse offers mothers and babies a brighter future by sharing God’s love, basic necessities, education, and genuine personal care.  I thought running for this race would be cool and they represented some of Carol’s amazing heart.

After the fiasco of underestimating the first race, I was a little more prepared for this one. I did try to stay with the pack and about halfway through it was just not gonna be able to keep up with them.  As I guided through the path I also realized I had taken a wrong turn and went off course for about 3 minutes until I found my way again. I didn’t care so much as I had Baba (Carol’s nickname) on my mind. I threw on some good old country like she would like and finished. 

The Treehouse was awesome and even though I didn’t place they still gave me a medal when they found out why I was running. 

9/14/2019 – Treehouse Labor Run  – 52 of 68 – 42:33 (My face is kinda annoyed I ran off-path)

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. – 1 Peter 3:8

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