Nana’s Run – Rhonda Romero – Race #1

Wife, Mom, Rockstar, Diva and to her grandchildren Phenomenal, Nana wore a lot of hats. (Which ironically if anyone knows her she also seriously did wear a lot of hats) My Mom was who I strive to be: Driven, Protective and would do it all for her family. Seeing my parent’s marriage was the example I have always known as true love and knew that I found it in my marriage by similarities in our relationships.

There was not a day that didn’t go by that my Mom didn’t reach out to me. She was always proud of all of her family and expected me to be something but didn’t really care what it was just as long as I was happy. Was our relationship sunshine and roses, more of the time yes than not, but when you have the same personality and strong-will things would get interesting…

As my Grandpa was at the end of his battle with cancer, my Mom was starting to notice some pains in her hips. She was always an active person and had thought that maybe she had through her back out again. This was different though, the pain came stronger to the very point that she was starting to use a cane and mobility was becoming harder. We knew something was really not right as the constant performer was limited for her last performance in a chair (and she was still amazing)

One day I received a call that she was rushed to the hospital as the pain was too much. Through some very strong conversations with the doctor, my father and I demanded that she be admitted until we knew something. It was an extreme form of Lung Cancer and it was not treatable.

A few short months later she was with the Lord.

Rhonda Romero – May 12th, 1963 to December 12, 2018. 55 years old

As I brewed on the accumulative losses in April I kept thinking about how adamant she was about my health and how truly scared she was that her health was giving up. She loved biking, taking walks dancing and being active with her grandchildren. I began to reflect on my personal health I knew that if I didn’t try to do something that this could very well happen to me.

So… I went outside my box and signed up for a 5K. Why? I am still trying to figure that out but was like if anything I could walk the whole thing. I mean how hard is it to complete 3.1 miles?! Seeing my Mom going through the pain I was like if she can push through that on her last days I should be able to push through this and dedicate it to her that I was gonna try to make a change for the better with my health.

Running is no joke. My 11-year-old daughter decided to join me and dusted me within the first half a mile. As I would get around the corner she was waiting for me like “Its Ok Dad!’ I was like “Baby you have to go! Dad’s gonna be a long time!” I was an overweight smoker and was being dusted by children, elderly and whomever you could think of and pretty sure there was even more lack of energy from staying up the night before underestimating the race.

I did it.  My thoughts were even though she would be loudly giggling and rolling her eyes a little bit, she would be proud to know that I did it.

4/27/2019 – Party in the 060 5k Run / Walk – 43 of 48 – 48:05 (Bella beat me and took 36th place)

Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king. – 1 Peter 2:17

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